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About Senzati

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Senzati® started with one goal – to develop the optimum vehicle for road transport. It needed to provide all its passengers with the space uniquely found in a decent sized private jet. However it also needed to access city centre venues and be relatively discreet in its external appearance.

Out of these founding objectives, the Senzati® Jet Sprinter™ was born.

There is no reason why passengers should be compromised by cramped road transport with room for only a couple of guests and limited conveniences. The Senzati® Jet Sprinter™ provides luxury transport for 8 people (including driver) with room for 12 large suitcases or a full height rear bathroom.

Our attention to detail & quality of design, build & finish will be appreciated by the most discerning of customers.

Senzati® understands the market and a glance at the specification of our standard production vehicles will amply demonstrate the extensive detail that goes into each of them.

Senzati®’s commitment to its clients extends way beyond your initial investment. Our comprehensive warranty, obsessive customer service and on-going support, will ensure that your ownership experience is unprecedented.

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