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Vehicle Certification Agency

Senzati Vehicles are European Whole Vehicle Type Approved. Our 5 ton (11000lb) Jet Sprinter is the only vehicle in its category to be Type Approved as a Passenger car. In short, this means up to 9 people can travel in superlative luxury at the national speed limit within safe weight limits.

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Motor Industry Research Association

Senzati Vehicles are whole vehicle E marked. This means that they have been tested within a special electronic chamber to the highest of standards. Checks are made for emissions radiated from the host of new electronic systems fitted within a Senzati Jet to ensure that they do not interfere with a vehicles standard electronics & safety systems. Checks are also made for Immunity to ensure that other devices do not interfere with the correct operation of the Senzati Jet.

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Senzati Limited is ISO 9001 compliant