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Welcome to Senzati ® 
The UK’s only Luxury Mercedes upfitter with Mercedes-Benz Approval and European Whole Vehicle Type Approval

Senzati create beautiful luxury Mercedes VIP V Class People Carriers that offer a luxurious and sophisticated way to travel. With their bespoke cabin, advanced technology and stylish practical design, their vehicles offer a first class experience for VIP Travel.

With its elegant but discreet exterior design, the Senzati VIP Mercedes V Class People Carrier is not just a means of transport but a real statement piece. Using the highest quality materials and properly engineered solutions, their vehicles exude quality. Sumptuous interiors offer a great space as a working mobile office or just a fabulous place to relax or entertain whilst the miles slip by.

The Senzati Jet Spec ®  models feature a real cinematic experience, with amazing audio visual packages that emanate a real cinema. Most of our vehicles are specced with a movable centre console with perfectly placed tables for working on the move. The large fridge placed directly under the passenger armrest allows for multiple bottles of wine or champagne to stand upright, along with all the mineral water and goodies you could want.

Most importantly, Senzati’s Luxury Mercedes People Carriers are meticulously engineered which is why they are accredited with both European Whole Vehicle Type Approval and Mercedes-Benz Approval.

Whether you are searching for a luxurious mobile office, discreet family vehicle or a high end chauffeur vehicle for Weddings, Corporate Events and other special occasions, you can trust Senzati® to manufacture a safe, luxury people carrier that is in a class of its own.


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