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Welcome to Senzati®. If you are looking for a luxury Viano, Vito, V-Class or
Sprinter that is fully Approved and Homologated, you’ve come to the right
place. British designed and British built, Senzati® create bespoke VIP
Viano, Vito, V-Class and Sprinter for the most discerning customer.

When considering a Luxury VIP People Carrier, it is important to choose a
company that is approved by the base vehicle Manufacturer. This ensures your vehicle’s warranty will remain intact. It is also important to clarify that the modifications to each vehicle have been through European Type Approval. This means that the structural, electronic and cosmetic changes to the vehicle have been assessed and proven safe for the vehicle occupants.

The new Mercedes-Benz V-Class replaces the Mercedes Viano as the leading
luxury people carrier in Europe. Once upgraded by Senzati®, the vehicle
offers further bespoke refinements and levels of luxury more akin to a high
end luxury car than a people carrier. We frequently see the Senzati Jet
Class™ chosen as a more practical replacement for Maybach, Mercedes S-Class LWB, BMW 7 Series LWB and Range Rover LWB due to the subtlety of the vehicle and the ability to carry from 4 – 6 passengers, depending on final